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100 Hot Product Opportunity List

Unlock my 100 HOT product opportunity list. These are a selection of product opportunities that I have identified for you, myself, to make your journey a lot easier! I've basically done all of your product research for you!

Recommended Categories

There are many categories to choose from when it comes to Amazon, and I know you may be anxious right now. So I've made a list of the categories I believe you should pick your first hot product from because they are the most profitable with low competition right now for 2021!

Products to Avoid

Here is a list of every single product that I think you should AVOID as your first product! On top of giving you a list of the products I think you should avoid as your first product, I have also put together a list of the general types of products you should avoid. So even if the product you selected isn't on the list of products to avoid, you still want to avoid any products that fall into any of these categories.

Contact Supplier Template

Unlock all of my templates for contacting a supplier. This step is one of the most vital steps when it comes to building your Amazon FBA business. You want to ensure that you have the best experience with any potential manufactures you contact and to have the best experience you need to know what to say and how to negotiate. So I've given you my exact email templates of what I use when doing this myself!


  • - The Initial Supplier Contact Message
  • - The Sample Order Message

  • - The Sample Tracker Message

    - The Product Packaging Message

    - The Price Negotiation Message

    - The Pre-Order and Shipping Estimate Message

    - The Inventory Order Message


    - The Initial Supplier Contact Message

Email Sequence Examples

I will also give you email templates not only for when you're contacting a supplier, but also for your customers who purchase your products. The key to success within a business is to not only get people to buy your products once, but to get them to continue to buy your products time and time again. These email templates will show you the sure-fire to guarantee this happens every time.